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$20 rebate opportunity powered by Instant Rewards .

Follow these simple instructions to get your $20.

  1. Click the link for instant rewards at the bottom of these instructions.

  2. Sign up for a free account on instant rewards.

  3. COMPLETE A TRAIL OFFER. (Complete at least 1 full credit worth of trial offers, some offers are free and award 1 full credit, other offers award a fractional credit, pay close attention and complete as many offers as you are interested in that total to 1 full credit)

  4. Click on the status button at the top on instant rewards website, scroll down the page and look for the part that says “Your Referral Link”

  5. Copy the part that says

  6. Post this link to all your friends, on facebook, twiter, email etc…. Tell them to follow these same instructions. For every person that completes a trail offer using the link you post, you get $20 sent to you in PayPal or as a Check depending on what you selected at signup.  The best part is you will get your money within 1 business day! Don’t forget to checkout the proof gallery and post some proof pics to your friends!

Click Here for Instant Rewards