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Most Seniors Do Not ask for help. They are too embarrassed to ask . they feel humiliated. We have found Seniors that were literally starving until we stepped in. Unfortunately a lot Food Banks have stopped helping new people because of the increased demand. We do not have pictures of our Seniors that receive our help. THEY HAVE THEIR DIGNITY AND FEEL HUMILIATED ENOUGH JUST TO ASK FOR HELP.

Thank God for Senior Care. I would have had my Utilities Shut off if they hadn’t stepped in.
Rosa S

They pick me up to give me rides to my Doctor and Pharmacy and the Food Bank

Rosemary C.

Senior Care drops over to make sure I’m okay. My Social Security Check is only $780 a month. They come in to make sureI have enough food and to keep me company. They are so nice.
Mary C

“Joe” is one of the Volunteers for Senior Care that comes over once a month to check on my Food.
Stan O

Some of theVolunteers speak Spanish, thankfully, because I don’y speak much English. They paid for myUtilities just before thay were cut off.
Maria S

Thanks Senior Care. You saved me.
Dan K